Opportunity. A Journal of Negro Life. January, April, August, October, and December 1925.
Published monthly by the National Urban League, Department of Research and Investigations. New York, N.Y. Editor: Charles S. Johnson. Subscription $1.50 a year.

Publication of major social service and civil rights organization established to help African Americans gain social and economic equality. Articles and special features, book reviews, fiction, and poetry. Some advertising.

Selections reproduced as facsimile page images. 25 pages.

Selected Page and Title List:

January Selections:
20 "Something New Under the Sun by Gustavus Adolphus Steward covers the National Negro Business League's 1924 annual meeting in Chicago. The National Negro Finance Corporation is established to advance credit to black businessmen in the form of loans. Photos of Robert R. Moton and C. C. Spaulding.
22 "The Inter-Racial Forum" prints excerpts from American newspapers discussing the state of current race relations.
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April Selections:
109 "Bargains Come High" by Kate Richards O'Hare, editor of the Vanguard, discusses department store shopping and implores consumers to stop buying products made by convict labor. The author herself was a former prisoner in Jefferson City, Missouri, who personally experienced the "task" system of leasing coerced labor to private industry. She compares imprisonment under such circumstances to chattel slavery.
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August Selections:
231 "Boley (An Exclusively Negro Town in Oklahoma)" by R. Edgar Iles recounts this African-American community's history and discusses its commercial, political, and racial climate. The article is accompanied by photographs.
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October Selections:
295 "Tulsa and the Business League" by Albon L. Holsey gives an account of the Business League's annual meeting of 1925. It also talks about black businesses and oil wealth in Tulsa.
296 "Shadow" a poem by R. Bruce Nugent.
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December Selections:
358 "Outstanding Negro Newspapers of 1925" by Eugene Gordon reviews the content, layout, and editorial quality of African-American newspapers. Individual papers are critiqued and a quantitative, analytical valuation is presented.
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