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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Official drawing of the Louisiana State lottery. Single number class "M." drawn at New Orleans, Louisiana, on Tuesday, December 16th, 1890.

Official intelligence of peace. Published by the authority of the minister of France at Philadelphia. [Worcester, Mass., Printed by Isiah Thomas, 1783].

Official news-letter of the State Council of defence. The University of Kentucky Press Bulletin. vol. I, no. 24. January 1, 1919. Lexington, Kentucky.

Official proclamation. Iowa Council of national defense. To the farmers of Iowa ... Des Moines, Iowa. June 14, 1918.

Official program woman suffrage procession. Washington, D. C. March 13, 1913.

Official report of Col. M. D. Leggett of the engagement near Bolivar, Aug. 30th, 1862. Head-quarters 1st Brigade, Bolivar, Tenn., Sept. 1, 1862.

Official. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas, by my proclamation of the nineteenth of April, one thousand and sixty-one, it was declared that the ports of certains states ... be placed under blockade ... it

Oh fudge! Dedicated to Christopher Billop. Baltimore, Maryland Salt House Press [n. d.].

Ohio Union Presidental ticket [Cut with the following words in the center, A vigorous prosecution of the war, and no compromise under the sum of rebels.] For President Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois. For Vice President Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee

Ohio general food and drug law as amended May 1st, 1908. Columbus, Ohio. Renick W. Dunlap, Dairy and food commissioner. [1908].

+ John. By the grace of God, and the authority of the Holy See, Bishop of Buffalo. To the dearly beloved faithful laity of the diocese, health and benediction ... we beg of you, for Christ's sake, and for the sake of all that you love in heaven

Oil territory. I have about 20,000 acres of land in Lewis county, Kentucky that is "accepted oil territory" .... J. A. Drake. [New York, 1864].

An old American question for a new American decision. Can revolution and coercion both be right, at one and the same time? February 5, 1861.

Old Court House. For the entertainment of the curious is being echibited at the Old Court House in this City a large collection of rare and curious specimens in great variety ... Colonial Williamsburg, Incorporated. [n. d.].

Old Dickinson printing office. No. 52 Washington St. Boston C. C. P. Moody proprietor. orders solicited and promptly answered. A new way to say an old thing. [32 lines of verse] [Boston. N. D.].

The old Ephrata printing press on which the declaration of independence was printed, and the original house No. 702 Market Street in which it was actually written by Thomas Jefferson. [Philadelphia 1876].

The old Ramage press. By Wm. Oland Bourne. [New York? n. d.].

Old goods! old goods! Come and get them at your prices! ... J. B. Bragdon. Washington, March 5, 1847.

The old man- his children, and the bundle of sticks. A fable. [180-?].

The old stage coach by Sidney Dyer. [n. p. c. 1855].

An old story made new. Negro makers of history by Carter Godwin Woodson ... Washington D. C. The Associated publishers. Inc. [n. d.].

[Political circular signed by 23 citizens regarding the congressional election in the 5th Eastern district regarding James Parker a candidate. Gardiner January 20, 1817].

The olive branch. Peace and union. How shall we obtain them? ... [n. p. 186-].

[A collection of 17 cards of admission to lectures, dated from 1822 - 1836]. [Lexington? Ky.].

[A collection of 20 lottery tickets of the Washington City Canal lottery "for cutting the canal, through the City of Washington to the Eastern Branch harbour." Washington, 1798].

[A collection of 5 election tickets for Wards 5 & 15. Boston. 1868.].

[A collection of 7 broadsides and posters of Harvard University. Boston 1912-1917.].

[A collection of 77 leaflets, pamphlets broadsides and sample ballots of the New York City election of 1905.].

[A collection of six broadsides, consisting of advertisements issued by the Commonweath, Topeka, Kansas, during 1875 & 1876.]

"Woman suffrage co-equal with man suffrage." (Quoted from the platform of principles of the American federation of labor. State federations that have endorsed woman suffrage ... National American woman suffrage association. New York [1910].

"The homeward bound fleet." For the use of ship owners, brokers, importers, underwriters and others interested in shipping. Issued on Saturdays from the office of John McKee, 91 Wall Street. New York December 15, 1860.

On 11 December 1923 F. Scott Fitzgerald and Maxwell Perkins lunched at the Chatham to discuss the collection that became Ring Lardner's first Scribners volume, How to Write Short Stories (1924). Fitzgerald listed possible titles and selections o

On General Lafayette [By Thomas Shaw of Standish, Maine] [1825?].

... On Saturday last, His Excellency the governor sent the following message to the Legislature. Gentlemen. For the reasons mentioned in it, I wrote the following letter to the Chancellor, and to the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme

On Saturday next will be perform’d by a society of ladies and gentlemen, at Faneuil-Hall, the tragedy of Zara: the expences of the house being paid, the overplus will be apply’d to the benefit of the widows and children of the soldiers … The doo

On Tuesday night arrived in this City, a gentleman, who came express from Boston, with the following interesting intelligence viz. Boston. December 16. It being understood that Mr. Rotch, owner of the ship Dartmouth, rather lingered in his prepa

On Tuesday the 19th day of July, 1774, the inhabitants of the City of New York met at the Coffee-House, in consequence of a printed notification issued by order of the Committee of Correspondence ... [and elected fifteen persons to draw up const

On and after Monday, the 21st inst. The trains on this road, until further notice, will run regularly at the following hours ... December 21st, 1857. [Washington, 1857].

On board the derelict. A reminiscence of Stevenson's ‘Treasure island." [by] Young E. Allison. Chicago. The Rubric studios, publishers, Studio Building. [1901].

On exhibition at Williams & Everett's, No. 234 Washington Street, Boston, the original painting of Florinde, by Winterhalter, (exhibited in the Royal Academy of arts, 1852.) Admission 25 cents.

On the Lottery decision. No. 1. To the people of the United States ... [Signed] Algernon Sidney [pseud]. May, 1821. From the Richmond Enquirer, May 25, 1821.

On the dark day, May 19th, 1780. [Two columns of verse].

On the death of Thomas Condon, who was drowned at Matinicus Seal Island, in the 17th year of his age; while he and his brother, both of Matinicus, were a gunning, he fell from the rocks and was drowned, the 20th of October, in the year 1821. Com

On the death of five young men who was murthered, March 5th, 1770. By the 29th regiment. [Massachusetts 1770].

On the death of the very learned, pious and excelling Gershom Bulkley, Esq M.D. who had his mortality swallowed up of life, December the second 1713. Aetatis Suae, 78. New London: Printed by T. Green, 1714. [Photographic reproduction].

On the lottery decision. No. 2. To the people of the United States. [Signed] Algernon Sidney [pseud] May 1821. From the Richmond Enquirer. May 29, 1821.

On the occasion of the visit of the Walpole society to the New York historical society on May 25th, 1946 there were made from the original copperplate owned by the latter Society, fifty impressioins of Sir William Johnson's Indian "Testimonial,"

On the painful inequality of condition attendant on civilization by Dr. Hare. [n. p. n. d.].

On the valiant New-England general. Rehoboth, April 5, 1756.

"Don't pitch your tent among the dead." An appeal to young men. Conclusion of a speech delivered at Cleveland, Ohio by James A. Garfield, on the saturday night before the Ohio election of 1879. [n. p. 1884].

- Once more- for the- liberties of the people of America. The present election is important- it may give peace or war to this State, and perhaps, to the union.- The sons of liberty (who are again called upon to contend with sheltered aliens and

[Concurrent resolution, received at Department of State June 16, 1866.] Joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States ... Article XIV .... [Washington, 1866].

One Thousand Ems. by William Oland Bourne. [New York] January 17, 1873.

One bale per acre easy by Fred Reinlein, Mt. Vernon, Ill. Circular no. 90. August 22, 1908.

One hundred and twenty dollars reward Major Christopher French, Ens. Joseph Moland, and the infamous Gurdon Whitmore, broke gaol and escaped this evening .... Barz. Hudson, Gaoler. December 27th, 1776. [s. l.]

One nation, one country, one government, one flag ... U. S. Journal Central Committee, Bos. 1056, Philadelphia, Pa. [186-].

One of the wonders of the age. The first electric street railway in Massachusetts! Have you seen it? If not take a car of the East Middlesex St. Railway Co. and ride to Revere Beach and there connect with the electric road. a marvel of mechanism

One union - One constitution - One destiny. Resolutions for the considerations of the mass meeting at the Cooper Institute. Tuesday evening, July 1st. [New York. n. d.].

[Confidential circular.] Department of State, Washington, May 14, 1846. Sir: I transmit to you, herewith, a proclamation of the President, of yesterday's date, declaring that was exists between the United States and Mexico ... [Washington, 1846]

[Confidentially communicated, by the writer, to a few of the intimate friends of the late General McClellan.] Washington, D. C., Sunday November 1, 1885. To Mrs. McClellan: My dear friend: I cannot resist the impluse to write to you. When you ca

Only a waif [poem] Washington, D. C., 1891.

Only through peace will blessings come to mankind ... this print shows the mailing of another 20,000 reproductions of the "American national memorial---painting" honoring the 57 American patriots who voted for peace and tried in vain to keep Ame

[Constitution. 187-?].

[Consultation circular of Drs. T. Williams & Co. medical and surgical institute. Milwaukee, 186-].

Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor Manufacturers record, Baltimore. Md. March 7, 1918.

... Onward is the cause of Clay & Relinghuysen glorious Whig triumph !!! The old Maryland line forever!!! By the official returns from all the counties it appears that the Whigs of this gallant State have elected a Whig Governor, a Whig Senate a

Onward, Christian soldier! [n. p., n. d.].

[Woodcut] ... Just published, a new, interesting and moral work-entitled The sweets of solitude, or instructions to mankind how they may be happy in a "miserable world." and insure a glorious inheritance in that which is to come. By Amos Wilson

[Woodcut] Attleboro High School Bucks County, Pennsylvania ... Attleboro' Nov. 15, 1836.

[Woodcut] By the Honorable John H. Trumbull, Esquire; Governor and Commander in Chief of the State of Connecticut, in New-England, in America: a proclamation ... I designate Wednesday, the twenty-second day of September, 1926, the anniversary of

[Woodcut] Federal abolition whig trap, to catch voters in. People of Louisiana, above you have an accurate representation of the federal "Log-Cabin" trap, invented by the bank-parlor, ruffle-shirt, silk-stocking gentry, for catching the votes of

[Woodcut] Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Mr. Weightman, late mayor of Washington, Monticello, June 24th, 1826. Respected Sir: [Declining on account of ill health the invitation to be in Washington on the fiftieth anniversary of American indepen

[Woodcuts] The truth has come out at last. the old man's chain ... [Signed at end] Isaac Abrams. February 26th, 1818. Printed for the author, living in German Street near Second, back of No. 13 [1818].

... Open competitive examinations for the state and county/services will be held in various cities ... List of positions and requirements ... [Albany] November 30, 1907.

Open for a short time only, at Carusi's assembly room, Washington, the two grand moral pictures, the temptation of Adam and Eve, and the expulsion from paradise. Painted by Dubufe, for the ex-king Charles the tenth, of France ... [Washington, D.

An open letter to Prof. John B. Clark Prof. J. Laurence Laughlin. Prof, E. R. A. Seligman [and] Prof. F. W. Taussig [Relating to depressions in trade and their cause] Brooklyn, N. Y. September 10th, 1908.

An open letter to Roger W. Babson statistician who uses certificate bond ... Crocker-McElwain company. Holyoke, Mass. [1923].

An open letter to the committee of constitutional convention at Albany, State of New York. By the author of "Olombia" or, The New Political Economy, " etc. New York, August 1894.

An open letter, to the president of the United States; and to both houses of Congress. ... Ben J. Morse. Ithaca, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1893.

Opening speech of Gov. John P. Buchanan, delivered at Marristown, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1892.

Opinion of Mr. Jones, on the eligibility of Mr. Way, for the mayoralty June 2. 1822.

Opinion of the Circuit Court, District of Columbia, about poundage fees. Mason against Muncaster .... Opinion delivered 12th March, 1829.

Opinion of the Supreme court. To the Senate of New Hampshire ... Concord. June 10, 1881.

Opinions of Governor Shelby and Colonel A. Bowman. [n. p. 1825].

Opposition to funding bill. At a mass meeting of citizens of San Francisco, held Tuesday, June 19th, 1894, at Metropolitan Temple, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Oppression: a poem Or, New England's lamentation on the dreadful extortation and other sins of the times. Being a serious exhortation to all to repent and turn from the evil of their ways, if they would avert the terrible and heavy judgments of

[Copy of Lincoln's second inaugural address as it appears on the North wall of the Lincoln memorial. Washington, D. C. National Park service. 1942.].

[Copy of a letter from Th. B. Reiley to Doctor William Jones and a notice to the public] Washington 9th, December, 1836.

[Copy of first authoritative Great Seal of the State of New Jersey, made in conformity with authority contained in laws of New Jersey for 1929 p. 801. (The Great Seal adopted in 1777 was not descriptive in details)].

"For the Constitution". For Governor William W. Holden, of Wake. For Lieut Governor Tod R. Caldwell, of Burke ... [1868].

The orbit of Halley's comet. Copyright by Charles H. B. Field. 1910. Copley, Ohio April 25, 1910.

[The Ford theatre Lincoln assassination play-bill, Friday evening April 14, 1865, Our American Cousin.] Washington, D. C. L. Polkinhorn & son, printers. [1865].

Order No. 1. Great democratic rally! The Jeffersonian democrats in principle, and Jacksonian democrats in practice, will meet in convention at Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday, the 28th day of September, 1864 ... Order No. 2. Great Democratic rall

Order No. 2. Quartermaster's department. Head Quarters Kansas volunteers (for the protection of the ballot-box,) Lawrence, October 19th, 1857.

Order for Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for having put an end to the Spanish invasion. A proclamation ... Given under my hand and seal, this 24th day of July at Frederica in Georgia, Anno Domini 1742. Signed by James Oglethorpe. The person that

Order for the exercises in commemoration of the birth of the Republican party on the sixth day of July, eighteen hundred fifty-four at Jackson, Michigan. July 6, 1904 in the City of Jackson, Michigan.

Order of Exercises at the thirty-fourth anniversary of the Rowe Street Sabbath School, on Sunday, May 11, 1862 at three o'clock. P. M ... Boston. Geo C. Rand & Avery printers. [1862].

Order of exercieses at the exhibition of Chauncy-Hall School, at the Odeon, on Tuesday afternoon, August 22, 1837. [Boston, Press of Centinel & Gazette, 1837].

Order of exercises at Newburyport, May 3, 1841, on the occasion of the death of President Wm. Henry Harrison. [Newburyport] Printed by Morss and Brewster [1841].

Order of exercises at a meeting of the United States Christian Commission, under the auspices of the national convention of the Young men's Christian associations of the United States and British provinces, in Tremont Temple, Friday evening, Jun

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