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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The Dix-Douglas oration: argument for constitutional guarantees ... [Signed] A. P. Washington, D. C. Dec. 1, 1866.

Do not waste water!

Do want the vote? ... Issued by the National state association opposed to woman suffrage, 29 West 39th Street, New York [1894].

Doctor Fesler, physician and surgeon has arrived in Washington, and opened an office, on eighth street, No. 444 near Pennsylvania avenue where he is ready to wait upon all those wishing his professional services ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinhor

Doctor Pomeroy's affidavit. Doctor Josiah Pomeroy, of Kinderhook, maketh oath, that he was a resident in Montreal, in the Province of Quebec, in or about the year 1789 [Regarding Governor Clinton's association with several inhabitans of Canada f

Doctor:- Has your attention been called to the fact, that in a license law now before the House committee, it is proposed to impose a license tax of twenty-five dollars on each physician and dentist in the District and a further tax on each priv

Documents relating to the Lowell railroad company, which were ruled out and excluded by the Committee on railroads and canals, at the late hearing on the petition of William Livingston and others. [1844].

Documents relating to the proposed purchase of Mount Vernon, by the citizens of the United States, in order that they may at all times have a legal and indisputable right to visit the grounds, mansion, and tomb of Washington … T. Barnard, Printe

Does the protective tariff benefit the farmer? This inquiry is very pertinent ... Outspoken free traders ... Canada wants the Mills bill badly ... English press opinion of Cleveland's message ... What Bismarck thinks of American protection. [n.

Dog law. An act concerning dogs. Approved April 6th, 1859 ... The constables and police officers of Reading, are hereby required to destroy all dogs not licensed and collared according to the provisions of the above act ... Reading, April 25th,

Dog law. Owners of dogs are hereby notified, that their dog licenses expire on the first day of May next, and that the law in relation to dogs will be enforced on and after said day ... Selectmen of Reading Reading, April 20, 1860 ... Boston, W.

Dog license [Blank form] 186-.

Dog lost! A Cuba lap dog, with long white curling hair,-- feet trimmed close,-- answers to the name of "Fancy." Whoever will return the same, or leave information with Mrs. Story, Broadway, Cambridgeport, or T. L. Turner, No. 63 Cambridge St. Bo

Dogs! Dogs! The subscriber will be at the Town Office in the Bank Building on Saturday Apr. 28th, Monday, Apr. 30th, and Tuesday, May the first, 1877, from 4 to 8 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of issuing licenses owners and keepers of dogs for t

A doleful ditty about a victory. [Regarding the Dorr rebellion.] [1842?].

A doleful ditty by Mr. Mors, (deceased) [n. p. n. d.].

The dollar newspaper almanac, comprising valuable time tables, statistics, &c. annual supplement for the use of subscribers to the dollar newspaper. Philadelphia, 1860.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Good to bearer. for one dollar to be applied to the payment of any bill for advertising ordered through us in any newspaper or newspapers at publishers cash rates. Geo. P. Rowell, New York, May 1868.

Domain of Neptunus Rex. To all sailors around the world Greeting. Be it known that on this, the day of in the year nineteen hundred and seven, there has appeared within the limits of our Royal Domain the United States ship Tennessee, flagship, b

Domestic manufacture. The citizens of this Commonwealth generally, and those of Richmond more particularly, are informed that a manufacture of soda water, is commenced in the City of Richmond ... Apply at Isaac Webster's Lumber-House on the Basi

Domestic roving and spinning machine. This very important and useful invention for roving and spinning cotton and wool, has been secured to the subscribers by letters patent ... [n. d.]

Don "Alexandre O'Reilly, Commandeur de Benfayan dans l'Ordre de Alcantara, Lieutenant-Général & Inspecteur-Général des armées de Sa Majesté Catholique, Capitaine-Général & Gouverneur de la Province de la Lousianne ... à la Nouvelle Orléans, le 7

Don Manuel de Salcedo, Brigadier de los reales exercitos gobernador militar y politico de la Provincias de la Luisiana y Florida occidental, inspector de las tropas veteranas, y milicias de ellas, vice-patrona real, juez subdelegado de la superi

Don't be deceived by a name. What is the present Democratic party, in the campaign of 1884. Testimony of a distinguished Democrat as to the condition of his party ... Vote for Blain & Logan. Tack this up. [n. p. 1884].

Don't join the book burners ... Dwight David Eisenhower. Hanover, N. H. Dartmouth College. 1953.

Don't support a Communist strike. The International student congress against war and fascism, which called the strike is confessedly a "union of Socialistic and Communistic elements." ... Support the anti-strike committee in their patriotic atte

Don't unchain the tiger! ... Workingmen! when any man asks you to break the law, and tries to stir up your passions, while he skulks out of sight, you may set him down as your worst enemy ... Don't unchain the tiger! A democratic workingman. New

The donation to the Great Central Fair of [blank] by [blank] is hereby thankfully acknowledged by the committee on [blank] chairman, Philadelphia [blank] 1864.

Dorian (an epic poem). Arcadia, Calif., Raccoon Press, c. 1964.

A Dorrite falsehood nailed to the counter ... Dated at Providence, March 29, 1843.

Dos poemas [translated by] Ellinor Randall. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

A dose for the doctor ... Charleston, November 25, 1788.

A dose for the tories [10 stanzas of verse] [blank] Ireland Printed: America R.-printed in the year MDCCLXXV.

Doubts having been entertained with regard to the truth of some rumours in circulation, relative to the conduct of Captain Thomas Carbery, during the late war, the following statements of facts, have been obtained from eye-witnesses of known ver

Dr. & Cr ...[circular for Dwight S. Dow's commercial night school] [Baltimore. 1879].

Dr. Auchmuty’s letter to Capt. Montresor, chief engineer, at Boston. New York, April 19, 1775. My dear Sir. Yesterday Capt. Coupar arrived from London; Rivington I conclude will have all the news in his paper, but for fear you should not get his

Dr. Brewers pessary, for the radical cure of "Prolapsus uteri," or falling of the womb, manufactured and sold by Brewers, Stevens & Cushing ... Boston, [1861].

Dr. Griffis's Japanese record ... William Elliot Griffis, Pulaski. N. Y. [1927].

Dr. Ham's aromatic invigorating spirit, the best medicinal beverage of the age ... [New York, 1861].

Dr. Hollick's select lectures for gentlemen only! on the physiology and philosophy of that grandest phehomen in nature, the origin of life! and its physical and moral consequences, which were delivered in New York City, sixty-five times in one y

Dr. Hollick's select lectures for gentlemen only. On the philosophy and physiology of that grandest phenomenon in nature. The origin of life! and its physical and moral consequences, which were delivered in New York City, sixty-five times in one

Dr. Holt's prescription for the treatment of yellow fever ... D. Holt, M. D. New- Orleans, October 1, 1843.

Dr. J. Bovee Dods' imperial wine bitter, for sale at 649 & 651 Broadway, New York, by Charles Widdifield .... [1859].

Dr. Jackson's rheumatic liniment. Where this liniment is applied pain cannot exist. Please circulate this bill. Philadelphia 1848.

Dr. L. Q. C. Wishart's pine tree tar cordial. A great remedy for the cure of throat and lung diseases and great American dyspepsia pills. ... Philadelphia [1868].

Dr. McConnell's patent for making gas from wood ... [Washington, 1854].

Dr. McCosh's logic. Laws of discursive thought, being a text book of formal logic. By James McCosh .... Copies sent for examination with a view to introduction, postage prepaid, for one dollar. Robert Carter & Brothers, 530 Broadway, New York, M

Dr. McMunn's elixir of opium. An invaluable discovery in the preparation of opium. [Testimonials] [184-?].

Dr. Moore. Extract from Rev. T. Snell's sermon, delivered at the interment of Rev. Dr. Moore, president of the Collegiate institution, in Amhest, Mass. [Mass. 1823].

Dr. Sweetser's panacea ... [Philadelphia, October 22, 1847].

Dr. T. G. Clinton respectfully issues this notice of his desire to practice medicine in portion of Washington City, 12th street, near Maryland Avenue. June, 1843.

Dr. Templeman's absorbent and anti-scorbutic dentrifice, for preserving the teeth, gums, sockets, &c ... Directions for using the dentrifice ... Newport [n. d.].

Draft! Draft!! At a meeting of the Board of Town auditors, of the Town of German Flats, held at the Mohawk House, in the village of Mohawk ... on the 5th day of January, 1865 ... the following preamble and resolution was adopted Whereas, it is n

Draft!! The citizens of German Flats, are requested to meet at Osgood's Hall, in Ilion, Tuesday evening, Aug. 9th. at half past 7 o'clock, to consider the following resolution, passed at the meeting held on Friday evening last: "Resolved, that a

Dragoons wanted. By authority from Brigadier General Sumner, the undersigned has opened a recruiting office for the enrollment of a company to be attached to Lieut. Colonel Davies' battalion of cavalry, at room No. 11, Amory hall building. Entra

The dramshop. a warm contest ... Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, March 2, 1870.

Drawing of the Alton education lottery for the promotion of education. 22nd of November A. D. 1838. [Alton 1838].

Drawing of the Illinois State lottery, authorized by the Legislature to raise funds for the purpose of draining the ponds and lakes in the American bottom, and of improving the health thereof. Class No: 1 ... Alton, Printed at the "Telegraph" Of

Drawing of the Illinois State lottery, authorized by the Legislature to raise funds, for the purpose of draining the ponds and lakes in the American bottom, and of improving the health thereof Class No: 3 ... Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" of

Drawing of the Illinois state lottery. Authorized by the Legislature to raise funds for the purpose of draining the ponds and lakes in the American bottom, and of improving the health thereof. Extra Class No: 3 [Extra class No: 5. on verso]... A

Drawing of the Illinois state lottery. Authorized by the Legislature to raise funds, for the purpose of draining the ponds and lakes in the American bottom, and of improving the health thereof. Extra class no: 2 ... Alton, February 1, 1839.

Dreadful riot on Negro Hill! O read wid detention de melancholly tale and he send you yelling to your bed [Cut] Copy of an intercepted letter from Phillis, to her sister in the country, describing the riot on Negro Hill ... Boston 1827.

Drs. Thomas Wignell and Alexander Reinagle. Late proprietors of the Baltimore theatre. To [blank] To cash advanced as a loan by [blank] for the purpose of erecting a theatre in Baltimore town, the payment whereof with interest was secured by a d

The Drunkard's looking glass: or, A short view on their present shame and future misery ... [n. p. n. d.].

The drunkard's progress, or, The direct road to poverty, wretchedness & ruin. Designed and published by J. W. Barber, New Haven, Con. Sept. 1826.

The dry up, for the catarrh! ... Boston [1860].

Du Bois Opera house programme. Elgin Illinois. Opening night! The opera house will be opened to the public for the first time on Tuesday evening, Nov. 1st, 1870, by a dramatic and musical entertainment ... Elgin, Ill. 1870.

Duke University centennial celebration Trinity College- Duke University 1838-1839-1938-1939. Preliminary program of the centennial celebration April 21, 22 and 23, 1939. Durham, N. C. [1939].

The Dunbar Musical Association of the Jamestown Exposition will give the second grand concert of the season at the Y.M.C.A. building, Tuesday night, February 26, 1907 for the benefit of the Young Men's Christian Association. [Norfolk] Guide Prin

Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet or, The General Advertiser.

Duryeas' maizena. Bill of fare. United States Great Central Sanitary fair, Philadelphia, June 1864.

Duties on books. In the proposed tariff there are four clauses affecting English books ... [n. d.].

The duties, tonnage, discounts and drawbacks in the United States of America, from August 1st, 1789 to June 1st, 1796 ... New York, August 25, 1789.

The duty of the day! Whenever perilous crises occur in the affairs of a community or people, it becomes the duty of every good citizen to perform his part in averting impending evil. The duty of the present time is registration ... Let no citize

[Advertisement]. [18- ].

[Advertisement of F. Johnson & Co. Weekly record. --- Extra. Topeka, Kansas 1874.]

[Advertisement, September 12, 1859] [Washington] McGill's Steam Press, [1859].

[Advertising circular] Cleveland Sanford & Heyward, printers, lithographers and book binders [1854?].

Dwight manuscripts. Rare historical documents are exhibited by the Society of the sons of the revolution. Interesting collection shown this afternoon at the rooms of the Boston art club by a member. [Reprint from Boston Transcript Tuesday, May 2

The dying groans of Levi Ames, who was executed at Boston, the 21st of October, 1773 for burglary. [Boston 1773].

E. Leipziger's Temple of fashion! 476 Pennsylvania Av., Washington, D. C .... It is therefore proper and just, that every one who contemplates buying clothing should ascertain where they will always find garments neatly and strongly sewed! ....

EXTRA. Meet: President Johnson; Mrs. Johnson; Lynda Bird Johnson. Saturday, August 20, 1966, 11:30 A.M. Merrimack and Elm Streets, Manchester, N. H. Public invited. [1966].

"Read! Read!!" Being a reply to "a statement proving Millard Fillmore, the candidate of the Whig party for the office of Vice President, to be an abolitionist ... [1848?].

Eagle Tavern, corner of Broadway & Hamilton St., Albany. We have leased the Eagle Tavern for a term of years and have cleansed and regenerated it from top to bottom ... Alfred Houghton. late of the Steamboatt Knickerbocker. Peter Acker, late of

[Seal] By His Excellency Chauncey F. Cleveland, Governor of the State of Connecticut. A proclamation. Gratitude to Almighty God for His manifold blessings, both spiritual and temporal, is the first and highest duty of intelligent beings. I do, t

[Seal] By the King, a proclamation, requiring passes formerly granted to ships and vessels, trading in the way of the cruizers, belonging to the governments on the coast of Barbary, to be returned into the Office of the Admiralty of Great Britai

[Seal] By the President of the United States of America: a proclamation. Whereas a convention, between the United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, was concluded and signed by the Plen

[Real estate advertisements 1925-1926].

A deal you can't afford to miss! Free housing-- choice location. Enjoy gracious living in newly discovered Swiss chalet type garden apts. Located along the grassy shores of the beautiful Potomac ... Reverend Ralph Abernathy ... Watergate South.

"Dear friends, what aroused you?" Lines dedicated to Colored men's national convention, held in Washington, D. C., February 3, 1890. Written and read by invitation of the Committee of arrangements for the Central bureau of the relief of the Dist

Earl of Albion, Governor and proprietor of the Province of New Albion, to the people thereof, sends greeting [London? 1784?].

The earliest efforts for the preservation of the Camp ground, and the earliest suggestion of the Park, were made by Dr. Isaac Anderson Pennypacker, of Phoenixville, Pa. ... These efforts began in 1842, and were continued for several years ... [1

An early American recipe for making home brew. Peregrine Press

An earnest appeal to the moral and religious citizens of all denominations, in the Counties of St. Lawrence and Herkimer ... Corresponding committee of the County of Herkimer. Herkimer, Oct. 27, 1856.

The earthquake Naples: September 21, 1694. Boston, N. E. Preprinted by B. Green, February 21 1694,5.

Eastern lands for sale. The public are hereby notified. That there are for sale, large and valuable tracts of land, situated between the Highlands and the Atlantic ocean, from north to south; and between the River St. Croix, and the state of New

Ecclesiastical history. Dr. Priestley having continued his History of the Christian Church from the fall of the Western Roman empire (to which period he had brought it before in two volumes 8vo) to the Reformation by Luther, is desirous of publi

[December 25, 1868.- Granting full pardon and amnesty to all persons engaged in the late rebellion.] By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington, the twenty-fifth day of December, in the ye

Echinidae, recent and fossil of South-Carolina, January, 1848. By Edmund Ravenel, M.D. Charleston, S. C. Charleston: Burges & James, printers, East-Bay 1848.

The Echo Extra. Buffalo, Wyoming. November 22, 1890. [Negative photostat.].

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