Alphabetical Title List of Edison Motion Pictures

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Taking President McKinley's Body from Train at Canton, Ohio

Tenderloin at Night

10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion Leaving Cars

Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King

Three Acrobats

Torpedo Boat "Morris" Running

Tourists Going Round Yellowstone Park

Trained Cavalry Horses

The Tramp's Unexpected Skate

Transport "Whitney" Leaving Dock

Trapeze Disrobing Act

Treloar and Miss Marshall, Prize Winners at the Physical Culture Show in Madison Square Garden

Trick Bears

A Trip Around the Pan-American Exposition

Troop Ships for the Philippines

Troops at Evacuation of Havana

Troops Embarking at San Francisco

Troops Making Military Road in Front of Santiago

Turkish Dance, Ella Lola


The Unappreciated Joke

Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show

Uncle Josh in a Spooky Hotel

Uncle Josh's Nightmare

Union Iron Works

U.S. Battleship "Indiana"

U.S. Cavalry Supplies Unloading at Tampa, Florida

U.S. Cruiser "Olympia" Leading Naval Parade

U.S. Cruiser "Raleigh"

U.S. Infantry Supported by Rough Riders at El Caney

U.S. Troops and Red Cross in the Trenches Before Caloocan

U.S. Troops Landing at Daiquiri, Cuba


The Voice of the Violin


War Correspondents

Wash Day in Mexico

Waterfall in the Catskills

What Demoralized the Barber Shop

What Happened in the Tunnel

What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City

White Horse Rapids

White Wings on Review

Why Jones Discharged His Clerks

Why Mrs. Jones Got a Divorce

Wreck of the Battleship "Maine"

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