Chronological Title List of Edison Motion Pictures

In the following list, the films listed for the years 1891 through 1900 are given in order of their production. This information was taken from Charles Musser's study of early Edison films, Edison Motion Pictures, 1890-1900: An Annotated Filmography. For the years 1901 through 1922, the films are listed in order of copyright date and number. Films that have no copyright or specific date of production are placed at the end of the list for the year in which they were manufactured.

1891-1896 | 1897, 1898 | 1899-1900 | 1901-1902 | 1903-1922

1897 (TOP)

Seminary Girls

Pillow Fight

Waterfall in the Catskills

Falls of Minnehaha

Buffalo Stockyards

Buffalo Police on Parade

Buffalo Fire Department in Action

Giant Coal Dumper

Corner Madison and State Streets, Chicago

Armour's Electric Trolley

Sheep Run, Chicago Stockyards

Cattle Driven to Slaughter

Racing at Sheepshead Bay

Free-For-All Race at Charter Oak Park

Philadelphia Express, Jersey Central Railway

Admiral Cigarette

Overland Express Arriving at Helena, Mont.

Coaches Arriving at Mammoth Hot Springs

Tourists Going Round Yellowstone Park

Lower Falls, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park

S.S. "Queen" Loading

Loading Baggage for Klondike, no. 6

S.S. "Queen" Leaving Dock

Horses Loading for Klondike, no. 9

S.S. "Williamette" Leaving for Klondike

First Avenue, Seattle, Washington, no. 8

Fast Mail, Northern Pacific R.R.

Fisherman's Luck

Bowery Waltz

Charity Ball

Leander Sisters

Cupid and Psyche

Sutro Baths, no. 1

Sutro Baths

Lurline Baths

Fisherman's Wharf

Fishing Smacks

Arrest in Chinatown, San Francisco, Cal.

S.S. "Coptic" at Dock

S.S. "Coptic" in the Harbor

S.S. "Coptic" Sailing Away

Stanford University, California

Hotel Vendome, San Jose, Cal.

Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal.

Surf at Monterey

Hotel Del Monte

Launch of Life Boat

Capsize of Life Boat

Return of Lifeboat

Crissie Sheridan

What Demoralized the Barber Shop

Wash Day in Mexico

South Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal.

1898 (TOP)

Going Through the Tunnel

Sunset Limited, Southern Pacific Ry.

Freight Train

Launch of Japanese Man-of-war "Chitosa" [i.e., "Chitose"]

Launching, no. 2

After Launching

Union Iron Works

Feeding Sea Gulls

Procession of Floats

Native Daughters

Parade of Chinese

Mount Tamalpais R.R.

Mount Tamalpais R.R., no. 2

Mount Taw R.R., no. 3

Hockey Match on the Ice

Burial of the "Maine" Victims

War Correspondents

N.Y. Journal Despatch Yacht "Buccaneer"

Wreck of the Battleship "Maine"

Raising Old Glory Over Morro Castle

U.S. Battleship "Indiana"

Secretary Long and Captain Sigsbee

A Street Arab

10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion Leaving Cars

U.S. Cavalry Supplies Unloading at Tampa, Florida

Colored Troops Disembarking

9th Infantry Boys' Morning Wash

Military Camp at Tampa, Taken from Train

Transport "Whitney" Leaving Dock

Cuban Refugees Waiting for Rations

Troops Embarking at San Francisco

Troop Ships for the Philippines

Blanket-Tossing a New Recruit

Soldiers Washing Dishes

Trained Cavalry Horses

Roosevelt's Rough Riders Embarking for Santiago

Cuban Volunteers Embarking

U.S. Troops Landing at Daiquiri, Cuba

Packing Ammunition on Mules, Cuba

Major General Shafter

Pack Mules With Ammunition on the Santiago Trail, Cuba

Troops Making Military Road in Front of Santiago

Shooting Captured Insurgents

Cuban Ambush

The Fleet Steaming Up North River

Reviewing the "Texas" at Grant's Tomb

Observation Train Following Parade

Close View of the "Brooklyn," Naval Parade

Statue of Liberty

Little Mischief

Ella Lola, a la Trilby

Turkish Dance, Ella Lola

Parade of Marines, U.S. Cruiser, "Brooklyn"

Sleighing Scene

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