American Memory | Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection


Many Library of Congress staff members played a role in the creation of the Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection Web site.

The production team is grateful for the administrative support provided by Jon Newsom, Chief of the Music Division, Jan Lauridsen, Assistant Chief of the Music Division, and Deborah Thomas of the Digital Conversion Group. Morgan Cundiff, David Arbury, and Susan Manus launched the original Miller Flute Preview site. Susan Manus, Office of Strategic Initiatives, served as initial project leader and David S. Brooks as project leader in the later stages of the collection’s digitization. David Brooks also performed image quality review and coordinated the overall production of the site.

Music Division

Thanks go to former Music Division staff members William J. Lichtenwanger, Laura E. Gilliam, Catherine Folkers, Robert E. Sheldon, and others, principally Mary Jean Simpson and Michael Seyfrit. Carol Lynn Ward Bamford served as Music Specialist for overall guidance and selection of the objects, with valuable assistance from Jan Lancaster. Contributions also came from division staff members Mike Ferrando, who created the EAD finding aid from the catalog records; and Gail Freunch and Mike Ashenfelder, for their assistance in building several databases. The project is also indebted to the support and contributions of James Pruett, former Chief of the Music Division, and William Parsons and Robert Palian.

Digital Conversion Group

Special thanks go to the following:

Mary Ambrosio, who created the digital collection’s technical framework.
Ardith Bausenbach, who created digital item handles.
Colleen R. Cahill, Digital Conversion Coordinator of the Geography and Map Division, who assisted with MrSID file creation.
Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, who served as editor of framework materials.
Qun Lai, who compiled the initial flute scan lists and also did image quality review.
Elizabeth Madden and Christa Maher, who were instrumental in the redesign and redevelopment of the database for object records.
Steve McCollum and Andrew Boyko, Barak Stussman for help with derivative image creation.
Tracey M. Salley, who designed the home page graphic and the overall graphic layout of the Web site.

Office of the General Counsel

Michael Hughes, Associate General Counsel, evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements.

Information Technology Services

Special thanks to Glen Krankowski of the Digital Scan Center, who scanned all collection materials. Thanks also to the following Digital Scan Center staff members who provided additional technical support: Lloyd Carter, Lisa M. Cope, Ronnie Hawkins, Tanya Pearson, and Dominic Sergi.


Thanks to Lynn Kidder, Holly Krueger, Adrienne Lundgren, Andrew Robb, Hans Wang, and Rachel Wetzel for guidance on handling and rehousing the collection.

Prints and Photographs

Thanks to Katherine Blood, Verna Curtis, and Carol Johnson for identifying various media for the photographs and works of art in the photograph and iconography portions of the collection; and, to Jennifer Brathovde, for her assistance with images of Native Americans.

American Memory | Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection