Theodore Roosevelt on Film


Work on this collection was performed by the National Digital Library Program (NDLP) team working in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (M/B/RS), Hussein Hassan and Karen Lund, and by Marc Dudley of the NDLP.

Selection of films and sound recordings and the writing of framework materials was done by Karen Lund.

Marc Dudley monitored vendor performance and performed quality review of digital files.

The catalog records for films from the Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection were revised for this presentation from records previously existing in the Library's holdings database. The majority of the records were revised by Antoinette O'Bryant, Brian Taves, and Yvette Sutton of M/B/RS. Under their direction, additional records were revised by Arlene Balkansky, Donna Daniel, Laurie Duncan, Pearline Hardy, Stephen Kharfen, Sharon Marshall, Pat Padua, Marzella Rhodes, Ethel Tillman, Betty Wilson, and Ruby Woodard, all also from M/B/RS. New catalog records were created for the Paper Print Collection selections by Brian Taves.

The catalog records for the four sound recordings were created by Nancy Seeger of M/B/RS.

The Web page was designed by Dominique Pickett and Tracey Salley.

Text was edited by Emily Lind Baker and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher.

Digitization of sound recordings was performed by Hussein Hassan.

Special thanks go to Dr. John Gable and the Theodore Roosevelt Association for allowing us to use the following films which the association produced:

The Story of the Panama Canal [1]
T. R.'s Return from Africa, 1910 [2]
A Visit to Theodore Roosevelt at His Home at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, L.I., 1912
Roosevelt, Friend of the Birds [1]
The Roosevelt Dam [1]
The River of Doubt [2].

Thanks go to the following individuals for their assistance: David Francis, Patrick Loughney, Sam Brylawski, Allan McConnell and his staff, Melissa Levine, David Woodward, Carl Fleischhauer, Brad McCoy, Bryan Cornell, James Wolf, David Christopher, Martha Anderson, Ardie Bausenbach, Nancy Eichacker, Danna Bell-Russell, Barak Stussman, the staff of Roland House in Arlington, Virginia, and Bell Atlantic Video Services in Reston, Virginia.

We are indebted to Wendy White-Hensen and Veronica M. Gillespie for their work The Theodore Roosevelt Association Film Collection: A Catalog, and to Gillespie for her article "T. R. on Film," both of which aided research for this presentation tremendously.