Series 8: Virginia Records, 1606-1737

Correlating the Published Edition (Volumes I & II) with the Virginia Records Manuscripts (Volumes 16 & 17)

At intervals in the text of the published edition there are page numbers bolded and in brackets. These bolded, bracketed numbers indicate the start of the corresponding page number in the manuscript volumes. Thus, on page 214 of volume I, within the text paragraph, "[3]" indicates that manuscript volume page number 3 begins there.

illustration of correlation between manuscript and print volumes

Manuscript volume page numbers can be found in the upper left- and right-hand corners of each page. In the majority of pages these numbers are easy to read. In some instances they are illegible. However, finding previous or following pages where pagination is legible and counting forward or backward can help one locate the correct page.


Series 8: Virginia Records, 1606-1737