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Chronology of Field Trip Courses: 1898-1934



Botany 336: Field Ecology
1st term Summer
Professor Fuller
2nd term Summer
Professor Cowles
New Mexico

March 1929

Among the courses to be offered will be a field trip class to the Rocky Mountain National Park during the first term by Dr. Fuller. A field class in ecology with students from both the University of Chicago and the University of New Mexico in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico July 29-August 26 will be led by Professor Cowles

March 1930

Henry C. Cowles is spending the Winter Quarter with his family in France and Italy. He will return to Chicago for the Spring Quarter, but will again visit Europe during the coming summer in order to attend the Fifth International Botanical Congress meeting at Cambridge, England August 16-23 where he will preside over Section E Phytogeography and Ecology


Botany 336: Field Ecology
[Professors Cowles and Fuller are listed as instructors for the Summer of 1931. The course is not offered again, and the description of the course as a Department of Botany offering is discontinued after 1933-34.]