American Environmental Photographs, 1891-1936

Chronology of Field Trip Courses: 1898-1934



Botany 36: Field Ecology
Summer 1916
Professor Cowles
The Lake Superior Region


Botany 36: Field Ecology
2nd term Summer 1918
Professor Cowles
Region of Lake Huron


Botany 36: Field Ecology
1st term Summer 1920
Professor Cowles
2nd term Summer 1920
Dr. Fuller
Washington and British Columbia July 28-September 3.

  • Stabler, Washington July 31- August 7. Study of the conifer forests of Washington about the U. S. Forestry Experiment Station, Dr. J. V. Hofmann, Director
  • Mt. Rainier National Park August 7
  • Victoria, B.C. August 13
  • Vancouver, B.C. August 20
  • Glacier, B.C. August 28
  • Field, B.C. August 29
  • Lake Louise, B.C. August 31

Studies within British Columbia will be assisted by Mr. J. W. Gibson, Director of Agricultural Education for British Columbia, Victoria, B.C., and Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Professor of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Botany 36: Field Ecology
2nd term Summer 1921
Professor Cowles


Botany 36: Field Ecology
1st term Summer 1922
Professor Cowles
Lake County, Illinois, and Mason County, Michigan
2nd term Summer
Professor Fuller

  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
  • Tolland, Colorado-a tentative plan is to spend half of the term in this location. Also a few days study of the vegetation of the foothills may also be made from the vicinity of Denver or Boulder.
  • Long's Peak, Hewes-Kirkwood Ranch. Other mountains will also be explored and several field trips made to picturesque lakes and valleys


Botany 36: Field Ecology
2nd term Summer 1923
Assistant Professor Fuller
Yellowstone Park
The tentative schedule calls for an arrival at the Cody, or eastern entrance of the Park on July 27, for a stop of two weeks at Camp Roosevelt and for shorter stops at all the major points of interest within the Park. The return trip will be made through Denver, Colorado, where a stop of some days may be made by those who wish to remain in the west for a longer time. The main party may expect to arrive in Chicago upon the return on August 28

  • Arrive Cody, Wyoming, July 28
  • Yellowstone Lake July 28-29
  • Roosevelt Camp, July 30-August 13
  • Mammoth Hot Springs, August 13-August 16
  • Old Faithful, August 15-August 19
  • Yellowstone Lake, August 20
  • Leave Cody August 24


Botany 36: Field Ecology
Summer, 1924
Professor Cowles