Prairie Settlement: Nebraska Photographs and Family Letters, 1862-1912


The American Union
Bacon, Laura Iona , 1863-1931
Bacon, Laura Iona, 1863-1931
Bacon, Lucy (Lucy Esther), 1881-
Bacon, Rhoda (Rhoda Alice), 1877-
Bacon, W. H. (William Henry), 1837-1948
Bailey, Nettie (Ellen Annette Thomas), 1847-1932
Bishop, C. S.
Bumgardner, G. H., 1838-1914
Bumgardner, George H., 1838-1914
Clendenan, Dixie (Lillie May Oblinger Erickson Seyfried Cheatham), 1887-1979
Cook, Eliza (Eliza Oblinger)
Cook, John
Cook, Uriah A.
Foor, Robert C.
Knowland, James T.
Lonesom Lizzie
Lumbar, Laura I. (Laura Iona Bacon Oblinger), 1863-1931
Mccart, Sadie (Sadie Iona Oblinger), 1882-1973
Monson, Allie
Monson, L. W.
Monson, L. W. (Lonson W.)
"Most Esteemed Friend"
Murray, Jacob H.
Murray, Sarah A. (Sarah Ann Oblinger), 1839-1872
Murray, Susie
Naden, Nettie (Adah Annette Oblinger), 1884-1926
Newsom & Knowland. Indiana
Oblinger, Elizabeth
Oblinger, Ella (Ella Ermina), 1870-1958
Oblinger, Laura I. (Laura Iona Bacon), 1863-1931
Oblinger, Lillie (Lillie May), 1887-1979
Oblinger, Maggie (Maggie Esther), 1877-1965
Oblinger, Mattie V. (Martha Virginia Thomas), 1844-1880
Oblinger, Mattie V. (Mattie Virginia Thomas), 1844-1880
Oblinger, Nettie (Adah Annette), 1884-1926
Oblinger, Sadie (Sadie Iona), 1882-1973
Oblinger, Samuel, 1818-1902
Oblinger, Stella (Sabra Estella), 1875-1912
Oblinger, Uriah W. (Uriah Wesley), 1842-1901
Puterbaugh, Moses, 1843-1915
Raum, Green B., 1829-
Roesch, Ella (Ella Ermina Oblinger), 1870-1958
Roesch, Jessie (Jessie Leanna), 1887-
Sandon, Maggie (Maggie Esther Oblinger), 1877-1965
Stafford, Mary F., 1832-1908
Stafford, Sallie (Sarah A.), -1914
Stafford, Sallie A. (Sarah A.), -1914
Steel, Clara (Clara Bell Thomas), 1877-
Stilgebouer, Estella (Sabra Estella Oblinger), 1875-1912
Stilgebouer, Estella Or Roesch, Ella Oblinger (Ella Ermina Oblinger), 1870-1958
Stilgebouer, Estella Or Roesch, Ella Oblinger (Sabra Estella Oblinger, 1875-1912
Stilgebouer, Neta (Neta Agnes), 1896-
Stilgebouer, Willie (William Dell), 1898-1900
Straitgate, Short
Thomas Family
Thomas, Charlie (John Charles), 1857-1950
Thomas, Clara B. (Clara Bell), 1877-
Thomas, George W. (George Wheeler), 1840-1922
Thomas, Giles S. (Giles Stafford), 1840-1929
Thomas, Grizzie (Grizzie Black)
Thomas, Grizzie B. (Grizzy Black)
Thomas, Jenette (Mary Jenette Beal), -1947
Thomas, Margaret (Margaret Stafford), 1820-1885
Thomas, Mattie V. (Martha Virginia), 1844-1880
Thomas, Nettie (Ellen Annette), 1847-1932
Thomas, Sam (Samuel Green), 1850-1927
Thomas, W. P. (William Porter), 1817-1896
Van Doren, Sabra G. (Sabra Gabriella Oblinger), 1847-
Verity, John
Vore, A. B.
Wheeler Thomas Family